Cartesian Creations is a project originating from my interest in science, design, digital reconstruction, 3D modelling, 3D printing and prototyping. 

I have a background in earth sciences (geology, hydrology, isotope geochemistry, palaeoclimate, modelling), surveying (conventional surveying, terrestrial lidar, photogrammetry, GIS), design, programming (databases, C++, R, Autolisp), 3D modelling (Autocad, Rhino3D) and 3D printing. If you would like my help with your project, please contact me. 

This site is partly focussed on my designs and spatial, design and 3D printing services. However, my design work is often tightly coupled to my research, and a lot of my designs I make freely available. Therefore many of these pages will contain other useful and hopefully interesting information. 

On these pages you will find a few of my designs – some for laboratory and scientific field equipment, and some designs for things I simply wanted to exist. These pages will also display some 3D reconstruction work, ranging from 3D reconstructions of tiny fossils (<10mm) to much larger pieces.

I don’t consider Cartesian Creations to be only about 3d printing, design, or survey/spatial techniques. Instead, Cartesian Creations merges all these together, with the focus on moving ideas and objects from the real world to the digital realm and back again.

Martin Ankor

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